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Over the years, Samuels Autobody has earned the respect of the most critical car owners in Florida.  The quality of our work and diligence in our pursuit of auto body perfection has earned us that accolade.  The proud owners of the cars we work on have no hesitation to display their works of art; either under the scrutinizing lens of a high resolution camera, the center piece of an exotic car show,  or in front of thousands at a high speed drag meet.  We are pleased to share with you some examples of Samuels Autobody work in the media.

Magazine and Internet Articles
Alex Domingez's '92 Mustang GT

Titan Motorsports' PRO RWD Celica in UrbanRacer.com

Wesley Bourne's Copper Supra in Tunerzine.com

Advertisements and Miscellaneous Print
Titan Motorsports' Street Class Supra in BFGoodrich Ad

Television and Video

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